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Sunday Lately :: Week 13

Katy McKinley4 Comments

What do you know?  It's Sunday already!  I seriously love these posts because it's such a brain dump from the previous week.  Haven't played along yet with Meghan, Nicole and me?  You probably should!
This week's themes: Dwelling, Helping, Forgetting, Switching, Relying

Dwelling. Upon the amount of sewing mishaps I had with Bennett's shirt for Easter.  Seriously.  I almost threw it away.  I kinda did.  When it didn't fit and looked like a lumpy bag when he tried it on, I crumpled it up and threw it on the highest shelf in my craft room so I didn't have to look at it.  But then I felt bad that Bennett wouldn't have something I'd made him (like usual) so I tried it again.  And by george, I made it work.  It's not perfect.  But Bennett has a shirt.  And so do I!  I don't even hate the ghetto-style Peter Pan collar I created for myself.  Woot!

Helping. Myself prepare for the week of craziness ahead by getting some work done on the weekend.  I try my hardest not to work-work on Saturday and Sunday because it's the only two days in which we have all three of us in one place.  No school, no crazy demanding schedules.  For the most part.  But we will be heading out of town for a long weekend (DC, what what!!) and I need to get a little ahead of myself with my workload.  Or, at the very least, caught up.  So I've been taking a few hours out of my weekend to get work done and it's making me feel less bad about our mini vacation time away.

Forgetting. That I am more of an influence on my niece than I'd previously realized.  My father-in-law's birthday was Saturday and we all went out to dinner and I sat nearby Annie.  Who started telling me that she has a project at school about their career goals and she wants to be a "clothing designer".  She asked if she could get some fabric swatches from me to put on her display board.  I might not consider myself to be a clothing designer...but she just might think I am.  I mean, I print shirts all day long and have sewn up a few items for her to wear.  So that's pretty clothing designer-ish!  So sweet.  I'm swelling with pride that she looks up to me in the least bit.  What a sweetheart.

Switching. Into full blown spring mode.  Well.  I am...but Mother Nature is toying with my emotions at the moment.  I am SO tired of wearing boots.  And digging through my sock basket for a match.  And heavy winter jackets.  And the cold.  Ugh.  The weather will be 60+ one day and then snow the next.  It's getting old.  Because I needed some sort of change to help me out of my frustrated slump, I bought some new shoes.  Which I never do because I'm cheap and wear the same pair until they die.  But I added these cute booties to my wardrobe and am hoping I can figure out how to pull them off more naturally.  Because right now, I feel like I look like a dork trying to wear them.

Relying. On Bennett soon for help with Handmade Escapade.  My little business and workload keeps growing.  Which is great and I'm not complaining.  But I'm starting to get to a point where I need to make a decision about it's growth.  I can stay the course for a little longer but I'm going to need to make some changes and get some help eventually.  And I don't think I'm quite ready to cut into my profits and hire someone.  So I might be hiring Bennett for the times in which Louis is in school and Bennett can lend a helping hand.  He'll be great, I know he will.  I just need to learn how to let someone help me.  Which isn't easy because I am a control freak.