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Free Spirit Tank(Dress) by Patterns for Pirates

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Angelica, Meghan and I are all challenging ourselves to blog every day during the month of May.  We are hoping you can join in too!  Today's prompt:  Most important female figure in your life.  But I have a confession.  I'm going to be pushing this prompt back to tomorrow (since it's Mother's Day AND I haven't the slightest bit of creativity in me right now to make this and that mash together naturally).  So you're getting a new sewing project of mine today!  

I know this is going to come as a MAJOR surprise to you.  But I'm sharing another Patterns for Pirates design that I stitched up.  Because I'm apparently obsessed with Judy and all of the patterns she makes.  If you made something of hers and joined in her facebook group, you'd totally understand.  It's just a bunch of awesome women sewing awesome clothes and creating an obsessive/compulsive disorder within you inspiring you to create and sew and learn.

I have been, honest to god, waiting excitedly for this pattern to be released.  Seriously.  So much so that I made two dresses the first day that it launched.  I'm that far gone, people.  But really...how could I resist?  Allow me to introduce the Free Spirit Tank.  In dress form.

This is the brand, spankin' new "Free Spirit Tank" pattern.  I made it in the dress length (which is included in the pattern) and a racerback style back (also included).  It is crazy fast to sew and I adore the fit.  I'll be honest.  I was worried that my big chest would make the dress balloon out so much that it would look like I was wearing a sack.  But it didn't and that makes me love it even more.

I adore the length of the dress.  I know not everyone likes a mid-thigh cut.  And I'm sure you are all "maybe you should cover those blindingly white things up".  But I don't care what you think.  I love it!  It's a flirty length and doesn't make me feel the slightest bit uncomfortable.

I will offer this piece of advice: get yourself some slips or "lace skirt extenders".  You will thank me later.  A few years back, I started #summerwithoutpants with myself.  No one else.  Just me.  I wear skirts and dresses all summer long.  Not a single pair of pants unless it's for special reasons like outdoor work, house cleaning, exercising, etc.  Otherwise, skirts and dresses only.  

I understand a lot of women are uncomfortable with skirts while chasing around young kiddos.  But honestly, this is why find a slip so stinking important.  It's so much coverage.  They're more form fitting AND the whole point of wearing a skirt is to wear a skirt.  I hate putting shorts under my dresses.  A slip is awesome because I still get the coolness factor from not wearing pants and my bum is covered in the chance that a strong wind happens or I have to bend over.  All embarrassing things if you don't have your butt covered.

After I made one, I couldn't help but make another.  Who could blame me?

The second time around, I attempted at a self-drafted color blocking.  I like it.  Ish.  I need to raise the line a little higher so it doesn't cut straight across my chest. Which I always feel is such a weird design of shirts and things.  Otherwise, I adore this dress.  Almost as much as the first.

I made this dress also in a racerback style.  Because as much as I have avoided buying this cut, I'm now slightly becoming obsessed with it.  Funny how opinions change on things, right?  Especially wish fashion.

Remember me gushing before about the Layer Me Up tee's neckline?  Well, I equally love the neckline of this shirt.  It's a perfect scoopneck for me.  PERFECT.  Judy knocked this one out of the park.

These are majorly in my plans.  Once I can find the time to sew in multiples.  And I get my hands on the perfect fabrics that I've been dreaming of.

What do you think?  Love the new design?

Patterns for Pirates is selling the Free Spirit tank pattern [HERE].

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