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Angelica, Meghan and I are all challenging ourselves to blog every day during the month of May.  We are hoping you can join in too!  Today's prompt: Where do you call "HOME"?

I've always loved West Virginia.  Since the moment I set foot on her soil, I had a mega-crush on her.  Even when Bennett and I lived in northern Michigan for a year together, I would tell people I was from West Virginia.  I always knew I'd move back to her.

Pillow via Alexandria Ferguson on ETSY | Art print via Endy Things on ETSY

We struggled when we first moved to Wheeling.  It's harder to make friends when you're out of college.  My work was my social life at WVU...so when I started working at my father-in-law's firm in Wheeling, my co-workers were all much older than me and I didn't find friendships with them outside of the workplace.  It felt lonely here.  We tried to move about a thousand times but could never bring ourselves to do it.

We stuck it out.  We found our niche.  We made amazing friends.  We put ourselves out there and let Wheeling be the home we needed.  Now, I could never imagine living anywhere else.  

So where is my true "home"?  
Wheeling, West Virginia, of course!

The comeback kid.  The town that our generation is going to change for the better.  We love it here.  We love Louis growing up here.  It's our perfect match and you couldn't pay us to leave.