Growing up, I was surrounded by Makers.  My father is an engineer, builder-of-all-things, tech-enthusiast and photographer.  My mother is a baker, quilter, crafter and all-around creative genius.  It was impossible to do anything but become a mixture of those two.


In August 2014, I left my full-time administrative position and became my own boss.  It was terrifying and liberating and I’m still trying to find my footing on a daily basis.  But it was the best decision I’ve ever made.


Bennett and I met while we were both college students at West Virginia University.  We fell for each other over a game or two of beerpong..the most college way to fall for someone.  He fell in love with my loud, over-the-top ways. I fell in love with his sweet and hippie vibes.

We married in a family home in June of 2009, were pregnant six months later and welcomed our sweet little Louis in August of 2010.  Along with our two fur-children pups, we live a semi-chaotic but incredibly fulfilling life as a trio in Wheeling, WV.

Bennett is an amazing photographer.  But first and foremost, he is a remarkable father.  His number one job title is “Stay At Home Dad” and he rocks the crap out of it.  I’m kind of the luckiest gal in the universe.


I grew up in Hersey, Michigan…which is he teeniest, tiniest town in the northern part of the state.  While the Mitten still holds a very special place in my heart, I never quite had the love affair with Michigan like I do with the Mountain State.

There is this remarkable sense of state pride that I’ve never experienced anywhere else.  West Virginians love West Virginia.  It’s that simple.  Once you’ve been here and become a part of it, it never leaves you.  I was a Mountaineer the second I set foot on this beautiful land and I’m darn proud of it.

I giant puffy heart West Virginia.  I just hope she loves me back.

1. Anything and everything handmade. 2. The color purple. 3. West Virginia. 4. Caffeine.  Lots of caffeine. 5. Outrageous laughter. 6. Delicious craft beers. 7. Dancing (while embarrassing my boys.) 8. Dream chasing. 9. Making lists and never completing them. 10.