Welcome to Wild+Wanderful!

Welcome to Wild+Wanderful!

Here are some things you’re about to find in my happy corner of the web:

  • TONS of apparel sewing.
  • Crochet patterns and other DIY projects.
  • An abundance of nerdy love for Star WarsMarvel + other fandoms.
  • Free cut files for your Silhouette/Cricut projects!
  • podcast featuring my creative, entrepreneurial friends.

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ICMT: A Podcast for Makers!

Sit back and listen while I chat with some of my favorite makers on the new I Can Make That: Conversations with Creatives podcast!  Each episode dives into the lives of these individuals, where we talk about what makes them tick, how they got started, who inspires them, and different ways they find balance in this crazy thing called life.

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Hi! I’m Katy.

I like to make things.  All the things.

It’s in my blood.  My father is an engineer with a knack for technology, photography and construction.  My mother is a baker, quilter, crafter and all-around creative genius.  It was impossible to do anything but become a mixture of those two.

I truly believe that happiness is handmade.  Nothing beats the overwhelming rush of pride and pure joy when you create something by hand.  It’s a high that is unlike anything else and that feeling I get while creating is the reason that I keep coming back for more.

Thanks for stopping by and being part of my creative journey!

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Thinking about getting a digital cutting machine?

Find a non-biased, full comparison of the two most popular brands on the market right now: Cricut and Silhouette.