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M4M + P4P Spring Mini Capsule | Progress Report

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Eep!  I'm excited to share my Spring Capsule with you guys for a few reasons.  Number one, I actually finished it.  Which is a feat in itself.  Number two, I didn't follow the rules of the #sewminicapsule but I did make a legit sudoku capsule, so I'm loving all of the graphics I was able to create.  And number three, I just love being able to share boys' wardrobes.  I feel like little girls get the most attention with clothing, and it's fun to infuse some boy clothes into the mix of things.  Here we go!

I tried to keep Lou's capsule as legit as I could possibly make it.  It's hard for me to mix shoes into his wardrobe, since he's a "wear a pair of shoes until they die" kind of kid.  But during this transition period of weather...we are actually able to mix it up a bit.  Yay!

Here's what I made:

FOUR pairs of pants: 
  - Baby Bear Joggers in a denim-look knit.
  - Baby Bear Joggers in an upcycled tee, with added above-knee stripes.
  - Cpt. Comfort Jeans in short length, in a denim.
  - Cpt. Comfort Jeans in a khaki.

FOUR shirts:
  - YoHo Henley, upcycled from a men's tee in the Target Clearance Section
  - Jolly Roger Raglan, upcycled from a men's tee in the Target Clearance Section
  - Deep Sea VNeck in rayon blend black knit from JoAnn Fabrics
  - YoHo Henley in a knit from my March BeeBox

FOUR shoes:
  - Hightop Sneakers
  - Casual Sneakers
  - Rubber Rain Boots
  - Brown "Leather" Boots

FOUR extras:
  - Baseball Hat (with added HTV from Thread & Grain)
  - Cpt. Mac Cardigan (featured HERE)
  - Lumberjack Fox Jacket (featured HERE)
  - Origami TRex necklace (from Thread & Grain)

I was able to mix a total of FOURTEEN different outfits out of these 16 items. So I'd say that capsule sewing and using the capsule method is totally a winner.  I'm excited to see what everyone else has come up with!