Louis is growing and growing and growing.  And his personality gets bigger as he does.  It’s amazing, really.

We’ve always had an incredible bond.  It’s interesting to see the difference in relationships between Louis/Daddy and Louis/Momma.  I don’t know if it’s because Louis spends more time around Bennett than me (even though I work from home, Bennett is still the #1 caregiver) or if it’s just because little boys gravitate toward their mothers…but he is insanely sweet to me.  No matter what.  And out of the blue most times.

He will constantly tell me he’s got a secret for me and then whisper in my ear that he loves me.
Momma = giant puddle of mushy love goo on the floor.  Every. Single. Time.

The most commonly used term of his as of late is also the sweetest.

“Momma.  You’re so beautiful because I love you.”

Good.  God.  He sure knows the path to this Momma’s heart, doesn’t he?