I’m fairly certain that I survived my pregnancy with Louis with watermelon.  If I wasn’t hungry for anything else, I could devour pretty much an entire melon all by myself.  In one sitting.  That was five years ago and I’m pretty sure I can still do that…and I’m not the least bit pregnant.  

Why is watermelon so freaking amazing?  Someone tell me!
Whatever the reason…at least it’s in season right now!  Yippee!  We have cubed chunks of watermelon in our fridge until summer runs out.  And I’m loving it.  I’m also loving these adorable watermelon-inspired things I’ve dug up on Etsy.

I mean.  How cute are they?  I’d almost wear that fanny pack.  Almost.  It’s cute enough to fall back into the 1990’s terrible trends.

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