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Sep 26, 2015

I am crazy excited to share this!  Welcome to everyone on the Baste+Gather Momiform tour.  This has been such a fun tour to be a part of and I’m ready to kick off my leg of the adventure.  Be sure to stick around allllll the way to the bottom, because they’re an AMAZING amount of giveaways happening and I’d be sad for you to miss out.

Before I show you what I’ve made, allow me to introduce myself to those of you who are new here.  My name is Katy and I am a 30-year old wife and momma from Wheeling, WV.  I run a small, handmade business out of our home :: Handmade Escapade.  And although I make and sell other things, the main focus and income of my sales comes from graphic tees.

Selling graphic tees means that I make myself a new tee all the time.  To test it, to model it, simply because I want one….whatever the reason, my closet is full of them.  That.  And ripped up jeans.  I love them.  And I’m not going to stop loving them.  They’re comfy.  They’re relaxed.  I can work in my one-woman sweat shop in them.  It works for me!

HOWEVER,  I am aware that there are time where my loud shirts and holey jeans aren’t completely appropriate.  We are very active in the community and attend a lot of happenings.  Louis’ school often has parent events.  And sometimes I need to be a little more dress-casual than I am in my everyday life.

Enter my version of the Momiform MAKEover.

My first look is three pieces:

The top, I adore.  Who doesn’t love a good dolman?  It’s extra slouchy because of the sweater knit, so I made sure to make the neckband in a pretty solid rayon/spandex black knit to keep it together a little better at the top.  The rest of it is super droopy and comfortable and I love that it’s got the peek-a-boo open weave to it…so I could wear a different colored cami underneath and pair it to whatever I’m wearing that day.

The pants are in a stretch denim that I love/hate.  Mostly hate.  Kinda love.  They’re cute pretty much the first hour I wear them, and then they get all stretched and baggy in the knees.  Which is super annoying when you’re photographing them…but it doesn’t really matter much when you’re just simply wearing them to wear them.

I used the SOS Knit pants pattern, but sized up two full sizes because the denim only has a 10% stretch.  I might have gotten away with grading the hips out to the larger sizes and keeping the knees/calves maybe only one extra size (due to the bag and sag that keeps happening) but they work for me.  You learn and you try again, right?  Most of my learning is that I don’t love this fabric and maybe need to seek out a higher quality denim.

The final piece of this look, that I am obsessively crushing on, is this new fold-over clutch of mine.  I’d make out with it if I could.  Is that weird?  That’s weird.

But really.  It’s super cute.  I have been living out of the BIGGEST BAG EVER for five years now.  Since I became a Momma, I’ve had a giant purse that carries all the things.  For pretty much my entire family, husband included.  It’s convenient.  It’s giant.  And it comes with me everywhere.  But sometimes, Momma goes out on a date with Daddy and she wants something more portable and less of a battering-ram.  This clutch nails it for me.  All the heart eyes, guys.

My second look is two pieces:

I know, I know.  TWO pairs of SOS Pants?  Yes, two pairs!!  This just goes to show that you don’t need a million patterns in your arsenal to make a functional wardrobe.  You just need ones that are staple items that can be reused a million times.

I like the SOS pants, rather than a pair of leggings, because they can be pulled off as being “real” pants but are still stretch pants.  They are pretty much like wearing a pair of jammies around.  Dressed up stretchy pants?  Yes please.

The top is one of my favorites I’ve made so far.  Figure flattering, comfortable, trendy, PLAID.  It’s all of the best things rolled into one fun package.  I did it a little differently than what they have here, but Judy created a small how-to on how to mash the FST and LMU together to create a flowy top with sleeves HERE.

One of the reasons why I agreed to this tour is that I love the idea behind it.  Women need to band together and support one another more often.  This has been a very amazing, supportive group of women to sew alongside of and I’m happy to have joined in.

Feeling frumpy?  Lost weight and don’t have anything to wear that fits?  Wishing you would get yourselves out of the sweatpants you’ve worn a hole into?  Needing new work clothes?  Wanting to find new clothes to fit your post-baby bodies?  This tour has got you covered!

So go ahead, Mommas of the world.  Sew yourself up some easy, cute, comfortable clothes.  Feel better about yourselves.  Celebrate your bodies.  And show the world just how damn gorgeous you are.

(And then snap a selfie while you’re at it.  You know you want to.)

Momiform MAKEover

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