Trick or treating was a success this year for sure.  Louis had a blast, we got to dress up and totally nerd it out with Star Wars costumes, and hang out with two of our favorite families while doing it.  Louis kept complaining that his candy bag was too heavy…which we tried to explain was a good problem to have, but I don’t think he was listening to his parents.  What do we know anyway?

To go along with the theme of Louis’ costume choice, Bennett and I were two other characters from the Star Wars Rebel series: Kanan Jarus and Hera Syndulla.  (Apparently Hera did not get the memo that we were supposed to look tough in all of the pictures.  Whoops.)

I really think more parents should dress up with their kids.  It’s so much fun.  And we will continue to do so until Louis thinks it’s not cool anymore.  Hopefully that realization comes later rather than sooner.

I’m pretty proud of this year’s costumes.  Minus a few elements, they were completely handmade.  Even Bennett’s armor was hand cut aluminum that he molded to fit his body.  Pretty awesome, right?

We will see you next year, Halloween.  I’m curious to see which characters Louis decides he wants to be.  Each year has seemed to be a little more challenging than the last!