Today is Lou’s last day of school before Christmas break.  Holy crap did December fly.  I’m only slightly (okay very) nervous about the next couple of weeks, and keeping him entertained while out of school.  He’s a very active kiddo and his parents aren’t on break.  So…yeah.  I’m feeling a lot of playdates coming on!

They have a Christmas party today at school and I couldn’t help but send him in some me-made, themed clothes.  Hello?  Have you met me?  This is exactly what you should have expected of me!

I think the kicker is those antlers.  We’ve had them for a bit but he gets to wear them to school because it’s a special day.  I gave him the option of reindeer antlers or the Santa hat…there was no hesitation.  Reindeer Louis it was!

With only one week until Christmas, I’ve still got a few things to get done.  But overall, we are pretty set and ready to celebrate the holiday!  (Santa is still on the fence about buying a “business expense” gift for Momma…so we will see if he breaks down and does it or not.)