DIY Harry Potter Spellbook + Printable

Aug 18, 2016

Bennett and I really wanted to give all of our Harry Potter birthday guests their very own spellbook.  But while I was searching online for my “perfect” download from other bloggers…I just couldn’t find exactly what I was after.  Guess what I did?  I made my own!  (And then turned it into an easy pdf so you can make your own too!)

Grab the complete PDF for the “Standard Book of Spells, Grade 1” HERE.

It’s six pages long.  And I’ve made it to have the easiest assembly!  All you need to do is print, cut, glue, and staple.  That’s easy enough, right?

CUT the four edges along the dotted line of each page.

FOLD along the center dotted line.

GLUE along the two short edges, just to help keep your pages together.

STACK your pages in order.

STAPLE or STITCH down the center line, going through all of your pages.

CAST all the spells you can.  Because you now have a complete book!

We took it one step further and added a vegan leather cover.  Obviously most people don’t own a machine to engrave the leather.  But a simple cut of vinyl/leather makes this book even that much sweeter.

I hope you and your kiddos LOVE this book as much as we do!  There are so many spells that we didn’t know and we have a ton of fun shouting them at each other, while having battles with our wands.  #nerdalert


  1. Willie, DVM

    Awesome! Just what I was looking for!

  2. Elana Gartner

    Thank you for this! We were just looking for something like for our daughter’s upcoming birthday party! This is perfect!

    • Katy McKinley

      We still reference spells when we have wizard battles in our house. 😉

  3. Amna

    Hi, i cant find the pdf can someone please guid me, thank you

    • Hannah Sloane

      its on the button that says HERE

      • Katy McKinley

        Thanks for the backup! I apparently need to change my alert settings for questions on here.

    • Katy McKinley

      In the big, bold block letters — the word “HERE” has the download in it.

  4. Cool a Dool


  5. Cool a Dool


  6. Arin

    I cant find where it says “HERE” I looked everywhere but im not able to. Where can I find it?

    • Katy McKinley

      It’s written directly below the first image.

      • Sofi Scott

        Where to get the printable’s?

        • Katy M.

          There’s a link within the phrase: “Grab the complete PDF for the “Standard Book of Spells, Grade 1” HERE.”

  7. Harry Potter Girl

    Do you have them for any other years too?

  8. Harry Potter Girl

    Hi, do you have any other year spells?

  9. Latisha Wilson

    Thank you for the awesome printable.

  10. Ingrid Cristyne

    Hello, thank you for having made the material available. I will be my 26 year old Harry Potter theme and have been looking for ideas to make up the little things. Thank you very much!!!

  11. Ashlee Atkinson

    It won’t open in word or print off as it says read only on there. Can anyone help please?

    • Katy McKinley

      That’s because it’s a pdf. You need to open it with adobe reader or something that reads PDFs.

  12. Avi Prokhorov

    how do i get the pdf

    • Katy McKinley

      At the link within “here” under the first image of the post. It’s within this phrase: GRAB THE COMPLETE PDF FOR THE “STANDARD BOOK OF SPELLS, GRADE 1” HERE.

  13. E G Vamese

    So…. where can I have the paper??

    • E G Vamese

      Oh…. I know where now…

  14. Janice McGregor

    Just made one for a kids Harry Potter party. Thank you sooooo much for sharing.

  15. Amanda

    This is amazing, but the first spell says “Accacio” instead of “Accio.” And “Prior Incantato” instead of “Priori Incantatem.” I haven’t checked all the spells, but my Potterhead kid would dismiss the entire book for those errors. It’s too bad, because you did a beautiful job otherwise.

  16. HarryPotterSuperFan

    Wow, this sounds great!!

  17. HeartHarryPotter

    Grab the complete PDF for the “Standard Book of Spells, Grade 1” HERE.

  18. Alyssa

    Thank you so much! It’s a great book of spells!

  19. Siddhant Ajmera

    Wow! I Did Not Have Leather At My Home, But I made Without It! I Got A Little Confused With The Gluing Part.

  20. Emma

    Who teaches Grade 1’s the curse Avada :)??

    • Katy M.

      Ha, well. We are a little more advance in our house, I guess. That….or four years ago when I created this, I just went and found all of the spells I could and made a book from them for fun.



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