We decided to just take our own family portraits this year.  It just makes sense anymore.  These are some of my favorite pictures of us.

…even if a good bit of them involve Bennett and Louis pushing the remote to take more pictures of themselves while I was trying to check if we got the shot or not.  TURDS.

I told you.  Turds.  They’re both big turds!

Luckily, they’re super handsome.  And sweet.  And I kinda like them a lot.

And in case you’re wondering, Louis’ top and my entire outfit are both me-made.  You can find the posts for them already on this blog!  Yay!

Louis is wearing the Jolly Roger Raglan + Add-Ons, featured HERE.
And I’m in the M4M Mama Mya and P4P SOS Pants, featured HERE.