EEEEEEP!  I’m back again, tooting my own horn.  I drafted up this slouchy hat for one of my KatyMade boxes and decided to turn it into a real pattern for Patterns for Pirates to be able to share.  And it’s FREE for the 2016 Holiday Freebies.  Fun, right?

The pattern comes in four sizes, so it spans a lot of heads.  Toddler – Adult, you’ve got the easiest and quickest pattern in your able hands now.  Make it work!

Slouchy hats are just my favorite.  First of all, Louis looks INSANELY ADORABLE in them.  But also, we have big heads.  All three of us do.  And I feel like slouchy hats downplay our ginormous domes.  Aren’t we cute in them?  (Please, take some time to gush over us, haha.)

Head over to the Patterns for Pirates site to get your free pattern HERE.  Go, go, go!!