I am SO EXCITED that today is finally here, because it’s the official kickoff of the Sew Americana Blog Tour!  We had so much fun sewing up red, white, and blue inspired things last year, that I decided to make this tour a regular, yearly thing.  Welcome to the first day of 2017’s tour!

We’ve got five bloggers sharing their amazing talent each day.  You will not be disappointed if you head to each of their sites.  (And don’t forget to linkup your own Americana sewing project at the bottom of the post.  Instagram photos can be linked as well!)

Wild & Wanderful | Handmade Boy | The Wholesome Mama
Marvelous Auntie M | Sew and Tell Project

Today is also my leg of the tour.  So brace yourself for a lot of photos…because I decided to sew up something for all three of us again.  TOPS and BOTTOMS for all of the McKinleys!  Ready to see our patriotic garb?

Here’s a quick breakdown of all of our outfits!  Let’s start with that cutie pie kiddo of mine.

I made Louis another tanktop, you guys.  I can’t stop myself.  His little arms in tanks are SO CUTE.  I used the Made for Mermaids Dylan tee and hacked it into a tank.  Basically, I just brought the shoulder in a small amount and then added bands.  Pretty easy peasy if you ask me!

Lou’s pants were a little less easy peasy.  Only because I decided to take the Patterns for Pirates Captain Comfort Jeans, added a functional zipper and a new waistband, and then cut it at a shorts length.

Louis really doesn’t use zippers yet…he still pulls his pants on and off without tending to touch them, even though so many of his pants do have zippers.  I really would like to start having only real zip pants, in the hopes that he’ll maybe get more comfortable with using them.  And I LOVE this pattern and how it fits on him, so I just decided to make the adjustments myself.  They turned out excellent!

The next good looking guy I’ll be talking about is that bearded man of mine.  Bennett is always harder to sew for.  Not the actual clothing item, but the fabrics and combos and keeping it as “Bennett” as possible.

Themed clothes are not Bennett’s jam.  I told him I was going to make him a new 4th of July shirt and he was all “I already have one from last year”.  Oh Bennett.  Don’t you understand who you’re married to yet?  The show must go on!  We need more themed items than just one!

First, here are some pictures of him wearing my clothes….and playing with sparklers.  I think some of these could be PSA on how not to handle fireworks.  Haha.  Am I right?

For his bottoms, I used the Patterns for Pirates Papa Bear Joggers, at the shorts length.  I wanted to spice them up with more than just a grey pant.  So I appliqued three stripes on the left leg and added binding to the pocket.  It was just enough color to break up all the grey, give him a 4th of July bottom, and also have something he can mix into his current closet.  Win, win, win.

Bennett’s top is my trusty Jerry Raglan from Cole’s Creations.  I love me some raglans.  But you know this already.  If this were my shirt, I’d probably have a red-white stripe for the sleeves.  But because it was Bennett…I toned it down a bit and used a solid red sleeve.  Perfection.

Personally, I think he can wear this shirt year round.
But it’ll take some convincing to get him to do so.

For my outfit, I was literally dying to make some new shorts for myself out of this fabric.  I found this *barely* stretch denim with tiny anchors and impulsively purchased it.  I’ve seen the Berry Bubble Shorts from Rebecca Page floating around the internet and decided i wanted to try them for myself.

Final decision on the shorts? LOVE.  I didn’t line them like the pattern calls for.  And I simply rolled up the leg and stitched it down, instead of binding or using the cuff like the pattern states.  Otherwise, no adjustments.  And they turned out so cute!

My top is the trusty Essential Tank from Patterns for Pirates.  The fabric I used is actually from June’s BeeBox!  It’s a delightful liverpool in a navy/white stripe.  And then I added some simple red binding on the neckline and sleeves to make it just the perfect 4th of July top….but something I can wear all summer.

To be honest, I love Americana clothing and if it was obnoxiously over-the-top, I’d wear it year round anyway.

Before I go, let me give you ALLLLLLL the links!

Bennett //
— Pants: Patterns for Pirates Papa Bear Joggers | Grey Interlock from JoAnn Fabrics
— Shirt: Cole’s Creations Jerry Raglan | Navy Stars from Girl Charlee | Red Spandex Blend from JoAnn Fabrics

Louis //
— Pants: Cpt. Comfort Jeans by Patterns for Pirates | Red Poplin from JoAnn Fabrics
— Shirt: Made for Mermaids Dylan Tee | Anchor Fabric from Girl Charlee | White/Blue Stripe from Vinegar & Honey Co (BeeBox)

Me //
— Pants: Berry Bubble Shorts by Rebecca Page | Anchor Denim from JoAnn Fabrics
— Shirt: Essential Tank by Patterns for Pirates | Blue/White Stripe from Vinegar & Honey Co (BeeBox)


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