Bennett was my prom date for the second year in a row, for the Wheeling Young Preservationists Adult Prom.  Any excuse to dress up in a fancy gown and dance with my hubby is the best thing ever.

And of course I need to share pictures of us looking all cute and stuff.  I especially love Bennett’s suit.  It’s perfect for him.

I had fun putting together my dress.  It was 1920’s themed, so I tried to have a little 20’s flavor in my dress.  I mashed a couple of patterns I own (the P4P Wiggle Dress and M4M Fiona) and added a long flounce to the bottom.  Besides the fact that I’m super clumsy and was tripping myself on my dress while dancing (sweet, sweet dance moves of course), it was fun to have a floor length gown.

Of course, here is a shameless amount of photos of the two of us together.  What can I say?  We like each other.