I Can Make That Podcast | Episode 014 :: Carli Vergamini Dudzik, CRAVE by CRV

Apr 2, 2023

Welcome back to another episode of I Can Make That: Conversations with Creatives!

When the podcast was first running, I was harassing my friends and asking them who I should have join me on an episode…and a former guest, Molly Stonesifer, was like “you HAVE to follow this girl named Carli, she’s amazing. She’d be incredible for your show.” And so that’s how history was made.

I found Carli (Vergamini) Dudzik and the brilliant shop that she runs, and was instantly hooked. Talk about a person who likes to live their life in color! Carli owns and operates a handmade shop, named CRAVE, where she rescues unloved items from ending up in landfills and creates incredible upcycled masterpieces.

Meet: Carli Dudzik!

Her website mission reads “Just a girl trying to change the world” and I think she’s helping do exactly that. Not only is she reusing, reducing and recycling, but she’s doing it in such a creative and ingenious way. From earrings, to dresses, to keychains….to tote bags literally made from yarn pom pom scraps – she takes trash and makes cool, wearable stuff.

Some links that we discussed during our episode:

People that Carli gave a shoutout to AND some extras she wanted to throw in there but forgot to mention during our call:


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00;00;00;02 – 00;00;39;09
Katy McKinley
I’m Katy McKinley and you are listening to I can make that conversation said created. I have been existing in a world of art, sewing and other various forms of creativity my entire life. Along my craft journey, I’ve collected quite the group of talented characters that I get to call my friends. Instead of keeping their wisdom and all to myself, I’m using this podcast to bring them to you Behind every piece of art is a human being who went through a range of successes and failures in making and in life.

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Katy McKinley
And I’m here to share their stories.

00;00;57;19 – 00;01;18;06
Katy McKinley
Welcome back to another episode of I Can Make That Conversations with Creatives. When the podcast was first running, I was harassing my friends and asking them who I should have joined me on an episode. And a former guest, Molly Stonesifer, was like, You have to follow this girl named Carly. She’s amazing. She’s incredible for your show. And that’s how history was made.

00;01;18;19 – 00;01;45;10
Katy McKinley
I found Carly VIRGA, Mini Dud, Zig and the brilliant shop that she runs and was instantly hooked. Talk about a person who likes to live their life in color. Carly owns and operates a handmade shop named Crave, where she rescues unloved items from ending up in landfills and creates incredible upcycled masterpieces. Her website Mission reads. Just a girl trying to change the world, and I think she’s helping do exactly that.

00;01;45;28 – 00;02;06;20
Katy McKinley
Not only is she reusing, reducing and recycling, but she’s doing it in such a creative and ingenious way. From hearings to dresses to keychains to tote bags literally made from yarn pompom scraps, she takes trash and makes cool wearable stuff. It’s incredible and I’m really excited to talk all about it. Welcome to. I can make that Carly.

00;02;07;12 – 00;02;11;21
Carli Dudzik
Hi. Wow. Quite the intro. I’m blushing over here.

00;02;13;02 – 00;02;21;16
Katy McKinley
Don’t you? Totally deserve every word of it? Obviously, we need to start with the basics. So what is your crafty origin story?

00;02;22;16 – 00;02;43;27
Carli Dudzik
All right, well, let’s buckle up. Maybe try to make a long story short, not quite so long. I think it all kind of. Well, I guess I’ve always been a crafty kid growing up, but it really started in high school. My best friend and I were taking, like, a home art class. Actually, I think it was like one step above EC where we were just like making learning how to sew and make clothes.

00;02;44;26 – 00;03;04;28
Carli Dudzik
And this was also like in the heyday of shopping malls. Need to prep us with that because we realized that our last names Burgundy and Smith had like a really cool ring to it, which kind of sounded like Abercrombie and Fitch, which was like, I think what inspired us to, like, decide that we wanted to start our own fashion label.

00;03;05;16 – 00;03;32;06
Carli Dudzik
And so we started making stuff for brands and selling it. And for our senior project, we like coordinated this whole fashion show and made like a line of clothing and decided to like, Hey, we really want to do this, so we’re going to go to school for fashion design. And so we yeah, so we went to school for fashion design and kind of had this reality check of like, oh, actually this isn’t really this whole glamorous thing that we envisioned it to be.

00;03;32;15 – 00;04;05;21
Carli Dudzik
It’s actually like really hard and there’s a lot more that goes into it than we ever imagined. So I think we kind of decided like, This is great, we’re so passionate about it, but we will move, go forth and like find a job for some working for somebody else rather than starting this thing from the ground up. And somewhere in between there we also studied abroad in London where and we I took a class making learning how to make a leather handbag, which yes, I’m just like randomly throwing all these facts in here.

00;04;05;21 – 00;04;25;10
Carli Dudzik
But I swear that this all comes together to make sense eventually and graduated college decided like, hey, we’re going to go work for somebody else rather than starting your own fashion label. And we were just kind of coming out of the recession. Is that what we called it? A time in life where it was like there were like zero jobs and it was impossible to find anywhere to work.

00;04;25;26 – 00;04;56;16
Carli Dudzik
So I just scored like a retail job and still wanted this like creative outlet making stuff and decided like, Hey, I’m going to pick up making handbags again because that feels a little bit easier than trying to like, make a whole slew of sizes and go back to this idea of starting a fashion label. So I wanted to dig back into this like world of handbags, but didn’t know where to source leather to make them.

00;04;57;13 – 00;05;27;14
Carli Dudzik
So I just ended up going into a thrift store and buying a leather jacket and working it apart and using that to make start making leather purses. And it just kind of like evolved from there very slowly. This idea of like taking something that’s already taking something that’s already in the world and turning it, turning it into something cooler than it originally was, rather than starting with something new from scratch.

00;05;27;14 – 00;05;53;29
Carli Dudzik
And yeah, and then I guess I just kind of fell in love with this idea of making accessories because like anybody, anybody can wear a pair of earrings. Anybody can wear a purse. It’s not like you have to worry about sizing or fit. And it just felt like a good way to kind of get my foot back in the door of still following this idea of working for myself and having like starting this fashion label when it felt a little less daunting than like, making clothes for people.

00;05;54;16 – 00;06;18;05
Katy McKinley
Well, I think you are the literal and bottom embodiment of one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. And you’ve, of course, talked about upcycling a little bit, but is that what led you down the path to upcycling? This one leather jacket that you did that you tore apart, or did you have other entry paths into that lifestyle?

00;06;18;15 – 00;06;40;12
Carli Dudzik
I think I think genuinely that is kind of what sparked the idea of upcycling. But then it was like it just kind of slowly snowballed of like, I think it was actually one day walking into like a big box store and realizing like everything that I’m purchasing today is coming in some sort of packaging that I’m ultimately going to throw away and I’m one person thinking of that.

00;06;40;12 – 00;07;14;27
Carli Dudzik
Like times, however many people are in the world doing the same thing and it just kind of hit me of like, why? This just does not seem like sustainable. And I just kind of like opened my eyes to the fact that there just could be another way and yeah, and then it just kind of all snowballed from the leather jacket of like, I could do this on a bigger scale to when I can do this with other materials and I can actually kind of just change my mindset around all of this and try to encourage other people to think the same way and do the same thing.

00;07;15;13 – 00;07;25;27
Katy McKinley
How would you describe Crave and what you offer to someone who doesn’t already deep stalk you on the web? For the last three years, like I have been digging about.

00;07;25;27 – 00;07;52;01
Carli Dudzik
I think like the first thing that comes to mind. Well, obviously like the element that upcycling is very important to me. But also, just like I love working with bright colors and patterns, color like color is just very, very important to me as someone I don’t know if you coined this phrase, but there’s some other people I’ve been deep stalking on the Internet that use the phrase dopamine dressing.

00;07;52;11 – 00;08;08;02
Carli Dudzik
I just like dressing with the things that make you happy and like make you feel good. It’s just being surrounded by all the bright colors and patterns is just you can’t help but feel happy working with those materials and play around with them.

00;08;08;28 – 00;08;30;07
Katy McKinley
Yeah, I mean, you have a tagline on your website that says Earth conscious doesn’t have to be ugly, and it resonates with me more than it probably should, because the first thing that pops into my head when someone says I upcycle is like brown and tan and ugly and I know it’s not always the case, but a lot of times it is.

00;08;30;07 – 00;08;39;25
Katy McKinley
And you clearly lean towards my vibe of Joel tones and bright colors. And why do you think upcycle? He exists in earth tones and less modern designs.

00;08;40;12 – 00;09;07;03
Carli Dudzik
Oh, I mean. Well, I don’t want to sound condescending. I do consider myself to be a rather like I era on the side of granola cruncher. And I think that that I don’t know. It’s just that is kind of typically the style of earthy people. Like earthy. I don’t know. You think earthy, you think earth tones and yeah, I mean, I guess I do all my fair share of neutrals, too.

00;09;07;03 – 00;09;26;03
Carli Dudzik
But I also love to, like, counteract it with a neon earring art to figure out what your question was this Why? Why? Why do you think that? Why do you think that that is? Yeah, I don’t know. I guess I just when you think earthy, you think earth tones, but I don’t think that it necessarily has to be that way.

00;09;26;03 – 00;09;44;23
Carli Dudzik
I mean, when you are working with the idea of upcycling, you really can take anything that already exists in the world and there’s already a fair share of neon things that have been discarded from other humans. So that’s the material that I’d rather work with rather than something ugly, I guess.

00;09;45;28 – 00;10;05;00
Katy McKinley
And I love that you make wearable items too. I am definitely a function over form kind of person and like I think my husband calls them tchotchkes, like people like to make things and upcycle them. And then it’s just like this thing that sits on a shelf somewhere like says and is that it doesn’t do anything for me.

00;10;05;00 – 00;10;16;04
Katy McKinley
So I appreciate that your upcycle version is actually like a functional item that you can utilize and wear and be part of the I Oh.

00;10;16;10 – 00;10;52;02
Carli Dudzik
Hey, Biggs. Yeah, I think that’s important to me too, because I don’t want to offer I don’t want to make something that is just going to sit on a shelf because like what I mean, yes, to some extent. I have again, my fair share of tchotchkes to that bring me joy. But like, I feel like that kind of counteracts again, like what I’m trying to do is I hope that by purchasing something for me, you’re like fulfilling a need that you already have anyway, rather than just like buying one more thing to have to sit on a shelf that eventually is going to get tossed out when you don’t need it anymore anyway.

00;10;52;02 – 00;10;56;28
Carli Dudzik
And that kind of just counteracts what I’m trying to do in the first place.

00;10;57;11 – 00;11;21;21
Katy McKinley
I think the name Crave is like the coolest name ever. I naming things, naming businesses or my website or anything. It’s been like the bane of my assistants. It’s so hard, but I love that your name is super clever because it ties in to your own, your own name and your identity. I feel like we should point out the name of your company and how it relates to you specifically.

00;11;23;00 – 00;11;46;21
Carli Dudzik
Yeah. So I do my best thinking in the shower and in the car and I was on a long road trip. This probably was like in the very beginning stages where I was kind of just getting back into the idea of sewing stuff and I needed a name to be able to like, put on my products. And I was just thinking about my name, Carly Rae.

00;11;46;21 – 00;11;58;10
Carli Dudzik
We’re going to be knee and pulling like a few letters from each name, trying to figure out if I could craft up some sort of word. And yeah, that’s how the name Creed was born.

00;11;59;16 – 00;12;12;19
Katy McKinley
Yeah, I just sampled letters from each of the first parts of your name. I think that’s genius because I named my first at the store Katy’s Creations. So you did a lot better.

00;12;12;19 – 00;12;13;08
Carli Dudzik
I love it.

00;12;13;08 – 00;12;24;01
Katy McKinley
Yeah. Where? So I’ve also seen I think you have a T-shirt somewhere, and I’ve seen you coin this phrase a lot for yourself. Where did the name Queen of the Tassel come from?

00;12;24;17 – 00;12;43;13
Carli Dudzik
Yeah. So I think actually the. The T-shirt is what kind of sealed the deal. My, I have an Internet friend, which that sounds really creepy when I say it out loud, but I think we all have people that we’ve met on Instagram and I’ve never actually met in real life, but are we consider her friends? So she’s my Internet friend, Marissa.

00;12;43;13 – 00;13;12;18
Carli Dudzik
She owns a blog and company called the Neon Tea Party, and she created this line of just like a few t shirts with some quirky sayings on them. And one of them was Queen of the Castle. And that was just it felt so fitting at that point in time. I a for a few years there, I was like my main source of income to my business was making leather tassels, which I guess all kind of started because I had made a leather handbag.

00;13;13;14 – 00;13;37;05
Carli Dudzik
It like didn’t seem it just didn’t seem quite finished on its own. It needed like a little something else. So I made a leather tassel to hang on a zipper out of some leftover leather scraps. And I don’t even remember how it snowballed from there. But I started then making leather tassel keychains and just selling those on their own, and it kind of exploded for a while.

00;13;37;05 – 00;14;03;05
Carli Dudzik
There I was just like making leather tassels and selling leather tassels and just trying to figure out new ways to spin off on a leather tassel and other designs and other ways to use them and turned them into earrings and made them out of all sorts of different materials. And the name Queen of the Tassel just seemed so fitting, but it was really the t shirt, I think that helped coined the phrase for me.

00;14;04;10 – 00;14;22;17
Katy McKinley
When I’ve seen some of your tassels, the earring ones especially are made out of is it recycled or rescued Kitty Poole’s, which I find, yes, absolutely fascinating that you look at a kitty pole and say, you know, I’m going to make earrings out of that.

00;14;22;17 – 00;14;45;20
Carli Dudzik
Yeah, that all started. My sister’s got two young kids and they tend to go through like a kitty pool every summer, which I think is kind of inevitable. Eventually, all sorts of inflatables that we own pop one way or another. And she had a kiddy pool that had popped sitting in her garage and it was just this giant ball of plastic.

00;14;46;23 – 00;15;14;15
Carli Dudzik
And I thought sitting in her garage and was like, I know that she’s going to throw this away and it’s going to end up in a landfill, and it’s probably just going to sit there for all of eternity. And I took it off of her hands and let it sit in my garage for a couple more years until I realized like a giant sheet of plastic is kind of similar in some ways to leather, and I probably could turn it into a tassel.

00;15;14;15 – 00;15;44;20
Carli Dudzik
So I’m going to try making some tassels out of this kiddy pool and earrings just seems like the obvious choice. It was. I think it was somewhere at the time when I finally got around to using it and it just seemed like such a fun nod to like a summer accessory. Like you could wear a pair of chemical earrings with your swimsuit and you can dive into the pool and get them wet and they’re going to be totally fine because a kiddy pool is meant to be filled with water anyway.

00;15;45;14 – 00;16;01;17
Carli Dudzik
And I think, yeah, just like you said, just the novelty idea of it kind of blew up. And I was making tassels again, making kiddy pool tassel earrings and still am making kiddy pool tassel earrings.

00;16;02;00 – 00;16;08;19
Katy McKinley
Yeah. Are people like showing up at airports to be like, I heard that you like to take popped pools. Here’s my garbage.

00;16;08;19 – 00;16;29;20
Carli Dudzik
Like, Yes, yes, it does happen quite often. And I have a very hard time saying no, because, number one, the thought of it like sitting in a landfill hurts my heart a little bit. And so I have said yes to a lot of kiddy pools. I actually have quite, quite the stash of a whole rainbow of colors. So, yes, it does.

00;16;29;20 – 00;16;30;24
Carli Dudzik
It does happen quite often.

00;16;32;07 – 00;16;54;23
Katy McKinley
So walk me through your process of going to a secondhand store and and purchasing something for an upcycle project, because when I go, I don’t go to secondhand stores that much. I’m so sorry that I’m admitting this out loud. I’m I don’t stop that much. Honestly. I’m a shopper who, when I want something, I go to the store because I know that thing will be there and I can leave with it.

00;16;54;23 – 00;17;12;07
Katy McKinley
Like, I don’t I’m not an exploratory kind of shopper, but I wish I were. But when you say let’s say you walk into, you know, Salvation Army or something, what’s your shopping process? Do you go in with a plan or are you looking for something or are you just letting items do the talking for you?

00;17;12;24 – 00;17;36;14
Carli Dudzik
Oh, a little bit of both. But first, let me say I totally understand where you’re coming from, because that is the thing about secondhand shopping that can be difficult because you never you can’t walk into a store expecting to find something. And I I’ve done that on occasion where, like all go looking for a very specific thing and usually you can’t find it because you’re relying on what other people are donating.

00;17;36;28 – 00;17;58;29
Carli Dudzik
So I have a running list of things like a note section in my phone of things that I’m hoping to find secondhand. I, I wonder actually what is on my list right now. I couldn’t tell you, but I keep I do keep a note so that I can like, keep an eye out for those things, specifically when they do happen to, like, pop up in my line of sight.

00;17;59;08 – 00;18;26;20
Carli Dudzik
Otherwise, I think I just kind of aimlessly walk through, letting things jump out at me. I thrift store shopping like you have to go in with the mindset of like, I am ready to dig through some garbage to find some gems because you do have to like do some digging in order to to find anything good. But I also think I’ve gotten a little bit better of just being able to kind of skim through and let the gems pop out at me.

00;18;26;20 – 00;18;40;29
Carli Dudzik
I’ve got I have a better understanding of like what my style is and what I’m looking for. And also it’s kind of easy to find neon amongst a sea of neutrals. So I’ve gotten a little bit better of just kind of like letting things jump out at me.

00;18;41;28 – 00;18;50;28
Katy McKinley
Yeah, I can imagine you can. You’re looking for things that have color or texture or, you know, movement to them and.

00;18;51;01 – 00;18;51;24
Carli Dudzik
Yeah, yeah.

00;18;51;25 – 00;19;19;12
Katy McKinley
I guess that stands out a little bit more than I think my son actually loves to thrift shop. He’s. He’s 12 and that’s where he finds most of his clothes. It’s a difficult size to thrift for where he’s not in between her, you know, and the kid sizes. Small frame sizes are too big. So it’s he’s got more patience than I do because it’s totally not like well, I make most of my clothes anyways.

00;19;19;23 – 00;19;41;27
Carli Dudzik
Well, you know, there you go. But that’s the great thing of having the skill of knowing how to sew is that you can go into a secondhand store and find something that like maybe it’s not quite perfect, but if you know enough trip tricks of how to, you will alter something or adjust it to be able to fit you, then you can buy something that’s not quite perfect and then you can tailor it to be what you want it to be.

00;19;41;27 – 00;19;47;24
Carli Dudzik
So you, the two of you together, really have like the perfect recipe for thrift store shopping.

00;19;48;20 – 00;19;53;12
Katy McKinley
It would be perfect if he were such a tween and.

00;19;53;17 – 00;19;53;28
Carli Dudzik

00;19;54;25 – 00;20;17;22
Katy McKinley
Get me to do things that are. Yes, I can. Where you’re like, maybe three years ago, that would it. But lately it’s like, please leave by me and my style alone. Well, since I started following you, you added to your family. It’s all you’ve got. An adorable little girl at home with you Now. How has your work life balance changed since you added her to the mix?

00;20;18;05 – 00;20;54;15
Carli Dudzik
Oh, AMG Well, I think everything literally everything has changed, but probably the most like useful and that feels like not the right word. Probably the now I don’t know the adjective to describe it, but the time that what I think before having children and before having a kid, I could just come up to my studio and create for hours on end and just I time was a novelty like I had all the time in the world to do whatever the heck I wanted to do.

00;20;54;25 – 00;21;13;01
Carli Dudzik
And now with a toddler, it’s like I pretty much have a nap time and bedtime to myself where I can do whatever I want to do. So it’s like time has been cut down to like a fraction. The way that I Now how am I trying to say this?

00;21;13;12 – 00;21;16;10
Katy McKinley
Like it’s more of an intentional, I guess, for you?

00;21;16;23 – 00;21;35;15
Carli Dudzik
Yes. Time is so much more intentional now. So now if I know that I only have an hour, maybe 2 hours in the afternoon when I come upstairs, it’s like pedal to the metal. I know what I need to get done and I know the timeframe that I have to be able to do it. So it’s like having more of a time crunch has been helpful.

00;21;36;00 – 00;21;55;04
Carli Dudzik
Like I can get more done in an hour than I might have gotten done within a whole day, because I know that I have a very small chunk of time to do it in time. But okay, so in a nutshell, what I’m trying to say is time has become more intentional and that’s been helpful and in some regards.

00;21;56;11 – 00;21;59;11
Katy McKinley
And she’s almost two, is that right? She’s pushing.

00;21;59;14 – 00;22;05;19
Carli Dudzik
So yeah. So two in April, this will be out in April. She’s probably going to be two by the time you’re listening to this.

00;22;05;23 – 00;22;11;12
Katy McKinley
Is she showing any signs of creativity? Do you feel like she’s got your artsy vibe yet?

00;22;12;06 – 00;22;40;26
Carli Dudzik
Oh, I hope so. She right now she is really into pompoms, which I will encourage forever and always because I love a pom pom. And she also is really into, oh gosh, she really loves accessories. And again, I will encourage that forever and always. She loves to wear necklaces and carry a little purse around and I’m I truly am hoping when I was pregnant I feel like every ounce of creativity was sucked out of me.

00;22;41;09 – 00;22;53;07
Carli Dudzik
And I’m convinced myself that it was because I was giving it to her. So I’m just like fingers crossed that the creativity gene gets passed on and that we can like crafts together when she’s old enough to truly enjoy crafts.

00;22;53;16 – 00;23;18;17
Katy McKinley
I actually say that about my ability to remember anything that when I had a baby, all of my brainpower laughs about me. Now, it wasn’t a question I was going to ask, but I feel like I really need to talk about it because I’m dying to understand how you made this. You posted a couple of weeks ago that you made a pom pom bag or a bag with scraps of yarn from pom poms.

00;23;18;17 – 00;23;37;06
Katy McKinley
And I need to understand how you did that. It looks like it layered between two probably pieces of vinyl that you rescued from something else. But I it’s so interesting and I feel like I need to wear a first floor. Going to share a picture of it on your blog post here, but I need to understand your process.

00;23;37;23 – 00;24;10;25
Carli Dudzik
Yes. So this was like an Internet rabbit hole once upon a time, probably several years ago. Another account that I follow on Instagram who is a embroidery artist I believe had saved all of her scraps of thread from her embroidery projects. And she’s sandwiched between two layers of mesh and then kind of like quilted it together. And she had made just like this little square of fabric, and it was just like one of those little nuggets that you like tuck in the back of your brain of like, that’s really cool.

00;24;10;25 – 00;24;36;20
Carli Dudzik
And I don’t know how I would do anything with that yet, but like, I’m just going to hold on to that. And then I am also an avid pom pom maker, so I have made like pom poms for various projects and you always end up with these tiny little trimmings. And given the order that I am, they were all just like these beautiful bright colors and I just couldn’t I couldn’t throw them away.

00;24;36;20 – 00;25;01;22
Carli Dudzik
So I put them all in a grocery bag, a paper grocery bag and just like saved them along with all of my other scraps of various things. And I don’t even know what prompted it. But one day I was like, Hey, I this is the project that feels like it’s going to bring me joy. So I’m going to try shoving some pom pom plugs between a couple of layers of mesh and see if I can make a textile out of it.

00;25;02;02 – 00;25;20;29
Carli Dudzik
And then it ended up turning into a tote bag because I still am just like into making tote bags right now. And it was such a fun project and I, I think it was one of those things I was like, I don’t know if I’m going to share this on the Internet because I’m not I have no idea if this is going to turn out this to be an epic failure.

00;25;21;08 – 00;25;38;12
Carli Dudzik
But I recorded the content anyway and ended up sharing it, and it’s been amazing how many people have commented like, Oh, I’m going to try this too, or I know what I’m going to do with my yarn scraps now. And it’s been so cool to see that it’s inspired other people to try and use something that they had.

00;25;38;13 – 00;25;52;15
Carli Dudzik
Well, first of all, funny that like other people are out in the world, like saving our yarn scraps too, but that makes me feel a little more seen and less crazy but cool that it’s inspired other people to try and do the same thing as well.

00;25;53;19 – 00;26;01;23
Katy McKinley
It kind of makes you want to do it with fabric scraps, like cut it, like literally shred it almost to the size of yarn. And then that way it makes this up a little bit more.

00;26;01;23 – 00;26;04;17
Carli Dudzik
And yes, I think that would be super cool.

00;26;04;17 – 00;26;10;03
Katy McKinley
Yeah, it just, you know, maybe I’ll take that as a little nugget for I think it’s great.

00;26;10;04 – 00;26;10;28
Carli Dudzik
That that is.

00;26;11;16 – 00;26;12;04
Katy McKinley
Right now.

00;26;12;18 – 00;26;34;15
Carli Dudzik
Yeah. Oh, I guess I would love I would love to see that. Actually. I feel like there are some really cool another little nugget I’ve tucked away is what I’ve seen other people do with their fabric scraps of like, I have to find a video and share it with you of how to kind of like you, kind of like quilt them together on a piece of interfacing and you make this cool like scrap pattern of all your fabrics together.

00;26;34;15 – 00;26;36;11
Carli Dudzik
I would I would love to try that someday, too.

00;26;37;18 – 00;27;00;22
Katy McKinley
Yeah. I mostly work in like knit fabrics, though, and I feel like my scrap pieces are so they’re all such different material types and weights. It’s not like quilting cotton, you know, you have a bunch of scraps, so I never can really think of how I can combine them into something. So I think, yeah, shred shredding them and ready to go actually sounds really interesting.

00;27;00;22 – 00;27;04;27
Carli Dudzik
So yes. Oh, I love the thought of doing that. Actually. I think that could be cool.

00;27;05;10 – 00;27;15;27
Katy McKinley
While doing The Next Step of Our Lives is part of a small business ownership life, I think. Do you have any big goals or drains coming up for Krave?

00;27;16;15 – 00;27;41;24
Carli Dudzik
I just got a wide eyed, terrified look on my face because I don’t know the answer to that. I think my personality type is kind of just like fly by the seat of my pants. And I think I’ve also convinced myself that by not actually setting goals that like whatever is meant to come my way will come my way, which is maybe just an excuse not to think about it.

00;27;42;08 – 00;28;03;00
Carli Dudzik
And to not plan ahead. So I don’t know. This is okay. This is a big scary like makes me want to puke thinking about a goal. But I, I think at some point in time I hope to write a book and I’m scared that I just said that allowed on a podcast, but maybe now that will keep me accountable.

00;28;03;00 – 00;28;11;07
Carli Dudzik
So I don’t know about what, but I think someday, someday I want to write a book. I don’t know why I said that, actually, I don’t know.

00;28;11;07 – 00;28;12;19
Katy McKinley
I guess I don’t.

00;28;12;19 – 00;28;36;09
Carli Dudzik
Know why that was my answer, actually, because that’s like a far that’s a far off goal. But yeah, I don’t know. I honestly don’t know what is next. I am at a point at the point now in my life and business where I honestly I’m just trying to chase what is bringing me joy and working on what I’m excited about and what’s making me happy.

00;28;36;09 – 00;28;47;04
Carli Dudzik
And in turn, I’m hoping that that inspires people in some way and in the process, if it fails epically, then at least like it has made me happy doing it. So that’s that’s where I’m currently at.

00;28;47;27 – 00;29;09;26
Katy McKinley
Well, I think you are talking like a true creative person because you it’s it’s not likely that you’ll find a lot of creative people that are also super, I guess, corporate minded where they think, okay, well, I’m going to project out five years and do this now. That’s okay. I’m just going to go where the the where the wind blows me.

00;29;09;26 – 00;29;13;19
Katy McKinley
And some people just do not understand how that function is.

00;29;13;19 – 00;29;14;17
Carli Dudzik
So yeah.

00;29;15;04 – 00;29;15;20
Katy McKinley
I get it.

00;29;15;22 – 00;29;16;18
Carli Dudzik
That’s yeah.

00;29;16;29 – 00;29;33;06
Katy McKinley
Well, I’m such a huge fan of spreading as much love to more creative people as we possibly can. So let’s go ahead and do just that. Do you have a favorite person that you’re following on social media right now in the crafty or creative brown and what draws you to them?

00;29;33;14 – 00;29;54;27
Carli Dudzik
I’m drawn to other people that are upcycling for sure. And just because I don’t think I need a reason why I it’s obvious why I turn to other people upcycling as well. I think I think maybe I’m just also drawn to other people that have a similar side of me of doing bright colors. And yeah, again, I don’t think I need to reason, but it’s just like what I like.

00;29;54;27 – 00;30;15;26
Carli Dudzik
So that’s what I’m drawn to. The person I’m thinking of is Carmen Christine. She does a lot of, again, bright colors, vintage fabrics, wearable things I’m loving. She’s also I also love a good snarky personality, and I think she has got that as well. So she’s kind of like the whole package of everything that I’m into right now.

00;30;16;07 – 00;30;39;29
Katy McKinley
Well, make sure to link her socials on your blog post so we can give her a little extra love, too. Thank you so much for joining me today, Carly. You make me really want to start cutting things up and putting them back together in the most extreme way possible for everyone listening. Thank you for joining us for today’s episode of I can make that conversations that creative.

00;30;40;19 – 00;30;51;03
Katy McKinley
And now, Carly, I’m hoping you can take us out by telling us how to find you online so everyone can be inspired like I am and they can support you, your upcycling adventures and your business.

00;30;52;02 – 00;31;16;00
Carli Dudzik
Oh, hey, yeah, you can find me. Oh my gosh. Can I sound a little more Minnesotan? You can find me on my website Crave by Sierra Yukon and all of the not all of the social platforms because I like to pretend like I have some semblance of a life offline. You can find me on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok at Crave.

00;31;16;01 – 00;31;17;28
Carli Dudzik
My theory.

00;31;17;28 – 00;31;22;15
Katy McKinley
Excellent. And I will also link those in your blog posts so people can find you directly.

00;31;23;12 – 00;31;30;01
Carli Dudzik
Awesome. Yay.

00;31;30;01 – 00;31;59;23
Katy McKinley
Thank you for tuning into. I can make that conversations with creative transcripts from this episode along with links and more information about today’s guests can be found at WW w dot wild and wonderful dot com. See you next time.


Disclosure: As always, you’ll find some affiliate links scattered within my post, which means I receive a small amount of compensation if you end up purchasing something I’ve recommended.  Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.  Purchasing from my links does not alter the pricing in any way for you, it simply helps feed my sewing, creating and blogging habits.  Thank you for your support!


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