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Sunday Lately :: Week 93

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Sunday Lately is a weekly linkup hosted by the Blogger Tribe (which is being fearlessly lead by Angelica, Meaghan, Nicole, and myself. We e-hang out every Sunday, sharing a small glimpse into the last week of life in our own worlds. We'd love if you could join us!

This week's themes: Creating, Finding, Switching, Forgetting, Craving.

Creating. A ton of stuff for our booth at Oglebayfest....or I had "created" a bunch of stuff.  And it's all selling like crazy!  Such a good feeling.  

Finding. A bunch of gorgeous people up here this weekend!  I'm writing Sunday Lately from my Oglebayfest booth right now and am looking forward to visitors today.  What a fun experience up here.  We've been able to hang out with so many people, some of which I got to meet in person for the first time ever, after knowing them online for quite some time now.  We've also been raising some funds for the Augusta Levy Learning Center with our can cooler (koozie) sales...and spreading the word about the Dancing With the Ohio Valley Stars event.  So it's totally been worth the extra stress/work.

Switching. Into holiday mode!  It's October, which means it's almost November, which means it's almost December.  Bring on the Christmas season!

Forgetting. How amazing my husband is.  Well, not really.  I never forgot.  Haha.  But spending three full days in a booth, selling to the general public, isn't an easy job.  And he's been so awesome, such a hard worker, and such a positive beacon of light.  I guess there's a reason I married him.

Craving. All of this festival food.  No joke.  The first smell in the morning is cinnamon roasted almonds.  Kill me now.  SO GOOOOOOOD.  I've been trying so hard not to eat crap while I'm here.  But roasted almonds guys!  GET IN MY BELLY.

I'm an Ohio Valley Star!

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Two weeks ago, I received a voicemail from one of my favorite people.  My heart skipped a million beats.  I couldn't call her back faster.  Staci (afore mentioned favorite person) works for Augusta Levy Learning Center and two years ago, Bennett was asked to dance in their annual Dancing With the Ohio Valley Stars, which is the ALLC's biggest fundraiser.  It's also Wheeling's most awesome fundraiser.  And I've been dropping not-so-subtle hints for the last two years that I'd die to participate.  I even volunteered to make a tutu for a life-sized steel elephant last year.  Anything to get in with the big dogs, right?  Ha!

I'm pretty sure that being asked to dance and participate in this fabulous event is as close to a major award that I'll ever get.  No joke.  

And I'm even more excited that I can finally talk about it.  Yesterday was the "media blitz" for the event and the hush order has been lifted.  Whew. 

We had the official press release inside of the gorgeous Capitol Theatre in Wheeling.  I'm never mad when my journey leads me to the Capitol Theatre.  

Here's the official WTRF broadcast if you'd like to check it out: Augusta Levy Learning Center Announces 2016 Lineup for Dancing with the Ohio Valley Stars

We were then lead upstairs for some photos and a quick interview for a media set.  I was okay with the photos.  I was in PANIC MODE over the video.  If you remember me mentioning before, I am terrible at interviews.  I get overwhelmed and worked up and cry.  I can't help myself.   #crazyperson

BUT!  Guess who held it together and didn't shed a single tear?  This girl!  WOOT!  I can't verify the quality of my interview.  But I didn't cry.  So that goes down in history as the best video spot ever. 

Now allow me to gush about my pro partner!

I was assigned to Walker Holloway.  Who was actually one of the stars last year, but loved it so much that he's been working his tail off all year and is a pro this year.  How fun is that?  He's been training at an Arthur Murray Dance Studio up in PA and you can tell!  I remember seeing him on stage last year and, while he did awesome back then, there is such an obvious difference this year. 

Walker has been such an amazing teacher and partner!  He has literally kept me from falling on my face a few times, and is incredibly patient with me when I force him to run the same steps a million times in a row because my brain and feet won't do the same thing at the same time.

Ballroom dancing is a whole new monster for me.  I totally thought I'd go into this without a single hitch.  Yet here I am, completely humbled.  And I am obsessed and absolutely loving the new personal challenge that DWTOVS is giving me.

Don't worry.  We've only had four practices (tonight is another night of intensive Katy-needs-to-get-her-feet-in-line drills!) and we've got until November 5 to perfect our dance.  Which means you'll be hearing a lot about my star-lit dance journey over the next five weeks.  

Oh!  And if you're a local, or even local-ish, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come out to the performance.  Tickets are now on sale and the profits benefit one of the most worthy causes ever.  The Augusta Levy Learning Center is amazing.  The staff is amazing.  And this event is amazing.  Need I say more?

#McKinleyHolloway2016 #MakeWheelingDanceAgain #DWTOVS

PR+P Week 4: You Need a Pilot

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We are in WEEK FOUR of Project Run + Play.  Can you believe it?  Never in a million years did I think I'd see the finale and here we are.  Thank you so much for all of your support during all of this!  Trust me when I say that this sewing contest is not for the weak.  Whew, these ladies have really put my sewing and photography skills through the ringer! 

If you're stopping here before you've voted, make sure to head over to PROJECT RUN + PLAY to cast a quick vote for your favorite look this week!  The theme was "signature style" and I'm sure the ladies from Gracious Threads and Project Sew & Tell have brought out the big guns!  So much talent in this contest!

Signature Style sounds easy.  But when you really start to think about it...analyzing yourself is tough.  Like, super tough.  Well, until you look through the summary page of what you've sewn for Louis and you get all "duh" on yourself.  My sewing style for Louis is pretty much summed up as: Everyday Cosplay.

I like to create wearable, everyday clothes, that double as dressup.  So Louis and his big imagination can go anywhere he wants to take it...without having actual costume-like clothes.  I took the challenge a step further and decided to stash-bust.  I didn't go shopping for fabric for this look.  I just used what I had in my mess of a fabric stash (including cutting up a pair of Bennett's old jeans).

Okay, but before we get too into details.  Let me tell you why I chose what I chose.  We are HUGE Star Wars fans in this house.  You can find a bunch of stuff blogged HERE in case you were curious about it all.  When I saw the orange fabric in my pile/hot mess of a space, I knew that whatever I made had to be a reference to a Rebel Pilot.  And what better pilot to reference in all of this than Poe Dameron himself? 

I mean.  COME ON.  Oscar Isaac is crazy dreamy.  And as Poe.  SWOON.  He's so cocky and loveable at the same time.  I die.  Anyway, I thought it'd be fun to see if Louis could embody this amazing character from Episode 7....and I believe he did.  Get this kiddo an agent.

So let's start with the basic pieces for Louis.  I love classic silhouettes for him.  A raglan tee and some jeans are such a sweet little boy style and I can't get enough of it.  So I decided to keep these pieces simple and easy to pair with basically anything in his closet.  The shirt is the Jolly Roger Raglan from Patterns for Pirates, which I created a fun Poe quote with an X-Wing graphic out of some heat transfer vinyl for the front.

The pants are also Patterns for Pirates, with the Cpt. Comfort Jeans.  My favorite place to shop for denim fabric is Bennett's throw-away pile.  Seriously.  Pre-worn in denim doesn't get any better and I love making sure to place the knees in just the right spot so it's already got that cool, worn-in, never-going-to-be-clean-again-but-that's-okay, look.

Sewing doesn't always have to be these exclusive pieces that you'll never find in a store.  They can also include simple, basic things....that fit your child to a t and you don't have to regret spending money on because it's too short/wide/long/weird fitting.  Raglans and denim jeans, man.  Totally my jam.

Of course, my favorite piece is the jacket I made for Lou.  I hated myself for deciding to quilt all of those details into it.  But now that it's finished...I'm totally in love with it.

Details, dude.  This jacket was a labor of love and was nothing but details.

I used the Patterns for Pirates Lumberjack Shirt as a base and went from there.  I wanted to make sure to winterize this jacket for Louis...so what you can't see is that I smushed a third layer of fleece fabric between the outer layer and lining, to provide extra warmth for the cold months ahead.  I also adjusted the pattern to add a separating zipper (my first time ever using one of those so be kind!) and added some inseam pockets.

The fleece insulation really helped with the quilting on the front, back and sleeves to pop out.  And I had fun throwing a reverse applique onto the hood for those classic racing stripes that you see on the Rebel Pilot's helmets.  The final touch was a simple HTV Alliance Starbird on his chest, and either side of his hood.

In order to bring true balance to the Force, I made sure to bring in a little Dark Side to Louis' jacket.  I lined the whole thing with a flannel that featured Storm Troopers, the Imperial Cog, and one of the Inquisitors.  Louis was very happy that this detail existed.

Kiddo loves the bad guys in the Star Wars Universe.  I shouldn't be too worried....right?  RIGHT?!

I think the biggest person to thank during this entire four weeks of Project Run + Play is this little stud of mine.  Louis has been nothing but an incredible supporter of his Momma, and an even more incredible model.  I've interrupted several days worth of other activities he could have been doing to pull him outside for some photos and there's not been a single complaint from him.  So thanks Lou!  You're the best!

Also.  Can we talk about this picture?  HELLO GORGEOUS!  Oh my gosh I love this boy so much (though I fear his teenage years and all the hearts he's going to break along the way).

Okay.  Now for the patterns.  They've all been used already in this contest!  But that's the beauty of a good, easy-fit, classic pattern.  You can use it a million times and it still produces new pieces for you!  They are all Patterns for Pirates designs too (no shocker there, I'm sure.)

Jacket: Lumberjack Shirt | Pants: Cpt. Comfort Jeans | Shirt: Jolly Roger Raglan

Thanks again for all of the amazing support we've received for the last four weeks!  And a huge round of applause to the PR+P team for putting on such an awesome sewing showdown!

**As always, you'll find some affiliate links scattered within my post, which means I receive a small amount of compensation if you end up purchasing something I've recommended.  Thanks for helping to feed my sewing habits!

Sunday Lately :: Week 92

Sunday LatelyKaty McKinleyComment

Sunday Lately is a weekly linkup hosted by the Blogger Tribe (which is being fearlessly lead by Angelica, Meaghan, Nicole, and myself. We e-hang out every Sunday, sharing a small glimpse into the last week of life in our own worlds. We'd love if you could join us!

This week's themes: Doing, Appreciating, Designing, Humming, Expecting.

Doing. Lots of running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  It's officially the "busy time of year" for our family...and some extra opportunities have added even more to that.  One of the fun opportunities was being asked to talk on the Etsy Hour at our local radio station.  I almost made it through the whole hour without crying, too!  (Don't ask.  I get nervous and tears start streaming.)  I can attest to the trick of pinching between your thumb and first finger to keep back the tears.  It really did work for me.  I basically bruised the crap out of myself, but no tears. 

Appreciating. People who entrust us with their wedding memories.  Bennett and I photographed a gorgeous, sweet, intimate wedding last night for two of our local friends.  It's really neat to be on this side of the camera for such an event.  Wedding photography is a lot of work, but fun work.  We've been lucky to only have wonderful couples so far and it makes it easy on us to do our job!

Designing. Our booth for Oglebayfest, which starts on Friday!  This is the biggest show we will be selling our handmade goods in and I'm a little nervous about the amount of work we will be doing in preparation the event this weekend.  I feel bad for Louis because his parents are going to suck at parenting all week long.  Lots of overtime and late nights will be spent trying to build our last-minute stock.  

Humming. A song that I can't talk about yet.  Isn't that sketchy of me?

Expecting. A really fun couple of weeks.  The announcement is happening tomorrow and I'm excited to come out with it.  So excited.  Like....pee my pants excited.  Just wait!