As if you’d even think for a second that I wouldn’t sew for other people for our 10 Year Anniversary party!  I had so much fun putting together all of these coordinating outfits!

I had always planned on making something for my sister to wear.
And then wanted to make a dress for my niece.
But didn’t want to leave my nephew out.
My brother-in-law would feel left out if I didn’t make him something, right?
And also I thought my Mom would be cute in a new dress.
But if I make one mom something, my Mother-in-law deserved something new too!

In case you were wondering why I would possibly think it was a good idea to make 9 total outfits for our party, on top of everything else we were diy-ing….this train of thought is exactly how I arrived there.  Ha.  Scary, isn’t it?

^^Not pictured is my mother-in-law.  I think this was before she made it to our photo op…and we totally forgot to take individuals of both her and my little nephew.  Darn!

First up was my little sister.  Who is a full grown woman with two children and is self employed with a great business out of her home.  But she’s still my baby sis.  She always will be.  I wanted to give Sierra something that I think she’d wear outside of this party.  When I came across this fabric at JoAnns one day, I knew it was the one.  It’s fun, floral, would look cute next to my own floral dress, and on sale.  Perfect combo of fabric needs, right?

Pattern: Sweetheart Dress by Patterns for Pirates
Fabric: Rayon/Spandex Blend from JoAnn Fabrics

For my niece, I really wanted a fabric that would coordinate well with her momma’s outfit, but not be a match.  Lucky me, JoAnn Fabrics had the same exact fabric in a different colorway.  Once I saw it, my mind was quickly made up.  As a redhead myself, I don’t always (or ever) navigate toward yellow or orange tones.  But I KNEW D could pull this color off.  And she did.  She was so darn cute in this dress!

Pattern: Sierra by Made for Mermaids
Fabric: Rayon/Spandex from JoAnn Fabrics

For my sweet little nephew, I had this vision of gingham for a buttondown.  And sadly, every time I went shopping I couldn’t find the perfect gingham print.  But I’m kind of glad I didn’t, because once I saw this polka dot, I was so excited to make him something from it!  Plus, what’s a better combo than polka dots and floral?  Nothing.  Nothing at all.

I wanted to tie his colors into what I’d made for the girls, so I grabbed scraps from his mom’s fabric, added a little interfacing to them, and made them into contrasting details on his shirt.  I was adorable on him!  Lincoln was another person we failed to get individual shots of, which bums me out, but we did get a bunch of group images of him…so that’s something, right?

Pattern: Lumberjack Shirt by Patterns for Pirates
Fabric: Cotton Woven (main) and Rayon/Spandex with interfacing (details) from JoAnn Fabrics

For my brother-in-law, I had just about exhausted my energy for sewing buttonholes and collars.  So I cheated a bit.  I took a rtw (ready to wear) top and added elements to it.  Which turned out super fun and was a great cheat, in my opinion!  I used fabrics from both Lincoln’s top and Sierra’s dress, and the family was SO CUTE together with their coordinated looks!

Pattern: None!  RTW shirt + custom added details
Fabric: Scraps from the rest of his family’s clothes (ha)

Seriously.  How sweet are they all together??

For my momma, I wanted to play off of her style.  I don’t know where this woman is coming from with her cute style, because I would wear a lot of what she wears nowadays.  Back when we were kids?  Not as much.  Maybe it was just the 90’s and neither of us were very in tune with our style and coloring profiles.  Who knows?

Anywho, I really wanted to give my mom something cute and fun to wear that fit into my color profile so far.  I happened to have these two fabrics floating around my sewing stash and couldn’t wait to put them together for her!  Isn’t she cute?

Pattern: Lea by Made for Mermaids
Fabric: DBP (bodice) from Sly Fox Fabrics / DTY (skirt) from Thread & Grain

Last but not least, I sewed up something for my gorgeous mother-in-law.  As soon as I saw this fabric, I knew it was perfect for Mary.  Originally, I was on the hunt for a red floral, but I’m so glad that this blue came into my life.  It fits perfectly into her style profile and the color was fabulous on her.  I made her dress very last, like two days before the party, so I was actually taking it in for her about an hour before the party kicked off…but that’s totally cool.  That’s what we do as sewists and makers, right?  Everything can be handled, right up to the last second, and it’s not a big deal.  We will fix it!

I hate that we didn’t get individual shots of her at all, but Bennett did snap some photos of she and my father-in-law dancing together.  You can see the dress in action!  That’s almost better, right? (That’s what I’ll tell myself to cut out some of the guilt.)

Pattern: Mya by Made for Mermaids
Fabric: DBP from JoAnn Fabrics

I am SO happy how everything turned out, how cute everyone looked, and how colorful and coordinated we were as a group.  It really wasn’t too-too much effort to put all of these together and was nowhere near as labor intensive as my dress.  Which is scary, because this only means that I’m going to do something wild like this in the future as well, and create outfits for a huge group of people again.  I wonder what I’ll get myself into next time??

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